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Hello, I’m Amberdella!

…and I’m here to help you rock your business!

Do you want to earn your first 6 figures (or more), with your new business, but you are struggling to be heard, to be seen or even to get your first customer? I’ve been there, and I know what it takes to get through it, and I want to show you how. 

I grew my marketing firm from $0 to $400,000 in sales in 2 years and I’m aiming to reach $1 million in the next year. I went from working by myself to a team of 4 employees and still growing. I did all of this with no start-up money. What I was armed with was the knowledge about how to build a brand and how to effectively market. And I can teach you, entrepreneur, how to do the same!

You might be thinking, “I don’t want employees, I just want to be able to do what I love and pay my bills!” I hear you. Year 1 wasn’t pretty for me. But I figured out A LOT and then I put it all into action and by year 2 my business exploded, which then brought a new set of challenges.. all of which I can guide you in. Maybe you don’t care about growing to a million, but I bet you would like to have a steady stream of business and a comfortable wage, am I right?

But step 1, is figuring out whether you are on your way to earning your first $100K, or your 2nd or 3rd, and figuring out what is preventing it from happening. This is a process we will go through together. as I coach you each step of the way. It’s my deep desire to help other passionate women entrepreneurs like you to grow your brand, get more clients, grow your teams (if you so desire), be successful and live the life of your dreams!

Entrepreneur, there’s no magic pill for growing your business. But there are some very important brand development steps that will help you quickly build your personal brand and STAND OUT online so that you can magnetically attract your ideal clients, and I’d like to help you do that quickly and cost efficiently! Ready to learn how? Let’s chat.

There is no denying that growing a biz is hard work. But you can make it easier on yourself by aligning with people who have the desire to support you and the knowledge to guide and teach you the right steps for building a profitable business so that you don’t waste precious time & money! I might be that person for you… ready to explore more and see if we could be a fit? Schedule a complimentary consult with me here, and let’s dive deeper…..

A bit about me and why I’m passionate about helping you… I grew up being creative, motivated and curious. If I wanted something, I found a way to earn it, working odd jobs like picking ginseng root, picking rocks, babysitting and waitressing. In my town, small businesses were the backbone of the community and I wanted to be like them. I was the first in my family to graduate high-school (as valedictorian) and attend college. I served as a Wisconsin State FFA Officer and Wisconsin Fairest of the Fairs, positions that afforded early experience in public speaking, media and public relations. I volunteered in New Orleans, abroad to Turkmenistan and spent 10 months studying in Kenya; Africa will always have my heart!

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and worked in several sales and marketing jobs that included selling hotel accommodations, managing events, digital marketing and TV advertising. After gaining experience in a cross-section of marketing, and seeing opportunity to do things differently, I launched Strategic Partners Marketing where I’m grateful to be growing a kickin’ team! In addition to SPM, I created Amberdella Consulting as a way to offer free resources and marketing courses to entrepreneurs.
You’ll come to know me as focused, positive, determined and even in the toughest of times, I never gave up on my dreams! My pups Titus and Nova are my joy, and my band, Morningstar, is my sanity.
If you want to grow your business through modern marketing strategies, you’re in the right place! Let’s #RockYourBrand!

Energy spent Developing Your Brand Today, Pays Off Tomorrow

Want to know the nitty gritty details? Gee I’m honored!

My path to entrepreneurship stems back to childhood as a curious person, an artist and a problem solver. From an early age I was an entertainer, writing and performing songs. I also had a strategic mind, seeking to not only understand the ways of the world, but to create solutions for problems and improve processes where I saw opportunity to do so.

I became the first in my family to graduate high school and put myself through college at UW-Madison. During high school and college I worked in the restaurant industry, gaining customer service and sales experience. I served as the 2003 Wisconsin Fairest of the Fairs, a public relations position that allowed me to gain media experience and public speaking skills. I served as a Wisconsin State FFA Officer delivering educational and motivational talks to thousands of students. My senior year of college I started working as a telemarketer, cold-calling companies and selling hotel accommodations. It was not an easy or fun job, but I realized that if I could be successful selling hotel rooms over the phone when the majority of people on the other end of the line thought I was a scammer, then I could do anything.

I worked for myself in telemarketing for six years. During that time I started a band and picked up a few event management side-gigs, working as the point person for several national brands. I was responsible for setting up on premise sampling events, hiring and training the promo teams and implementing the events.

I recognized that in order to grow my marketing and business acumen, I would need to take a job that afforded new opportunities. In 2011 I was hired by a local TV station to become their first Digital marketing sales specialist, selling online marketing solutions to local advertisers. During that time I learned about online marketing strategy. Within a year I shifted into the role as a TV Account Executive and sold TV advertising in addition to digital advertising. I absorbed and applied everything I learned through company trainings, books and reading online. I discovered my talent for helping clients uncover their brand story and quickly became a top salesperson with the company.

The quick growth in this role is attributed to the fact that I didn’t sell ad space; I sold creative stories and strategies. I was honest with clients about what steps they needed to take in their marketing, whether that included utilizing TV ads or not. I saw the need for many small to medium businesses to have a person on their side to guide them in brand strategy, and also provide the means to implement the work.

In April 2015 I launched Strategic Partners Marketing. Our team continues to grow as we help clients with brand strategy, web design, social media marketing, content development, public relations, media campaign development and media buying.

As my biz grew, so did my desire to serve fellow start-up female business owners, so, I launched my Amberdella brand and created Brand Camp as a way to rock my personal brand while showing others how to do the same! Brand Camp will be re-launching and we’re enrolling qualified entrepreneurs now. If you’d like to learn more, hop on a call with me here

Still not sure if I know what I’m talking about?? Allow me to brag a little…. Our agency SPM has been honored with two prestigious Addy Awards for client work. I’m regularly featured on podcasts, interviews and publications such as Madison NoteworthyHuffington Post, Drum Up, In Business and more. I was honored as a 2017 Brava Magazine Woman to Watch and as a 2017 In Business Magazine 40 under 40. I’m honored to be an active member in Doyenne, Dane Buy Local, serving as a board member for the Monona East Side Business Alliance, and providing marketing leadership for the inaugural Between the Waves Madison Music Festival & Conference.
If you are a solopreneur or entrepreneur seeking effective marketing strategies for your modern brand, I welcome you to stay connected, and together, let’s #RockYourBrand.

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